Sea Breeze Power Consulting. Our Services

Sea Breeze’s team of highly qualified professionals and associates encompasses a broad set of energy-sector expertise and project experience. Our dynamic work environment and flat organizational structure enable us to quickly mobilize, tackle problems, and respond to emerging business opportunities in a way that other organizations cannot. Our flexibility enables us to efficiently support clients in understanding their options, whether it is considering investing in a new technology, entering a new market, raising finance, or evaluating a business opportunity. Sea Breeze can help. We take pride in working closely with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver superior products across our range of consultancy areas.

Sea Breeze offers consultancy services in the following areas…

Wind Resource Assessment

Sea Breeze has a full suite of tall meteorological tower installation, data collection, and analysis services, representing a cost effective approach to achieving your wind project assessment goals.

Economic and System Modeling

Sea Breeze expertise encompasses both micro-scale assessment of business opportunities as well as larger-scale assessment of market trends, competitive analysis, and economic considerations.

Due Dillegence

Sea Breeze staff is experienced in assessing the viability of a project and the work done to-date, including technical, environmental, social, and economic aspects.

Hybrid Power

Integration of hybrid power systems which include renewable energy into remote loads is increasingly employed as a reliable and cost-competitive alternative to fossil-fuel powered generation. Sea Breeze can help lower energy costs, mitigate environmental and community concerns, and integrate custom-tailored financing solutions.

Project Development

Sea Breeze Power Corp., through its subsidiary Sea Breeze Energy Inc., was the first company in British Columbia to address wind power as a commercial enterprise in the private sector, beginning with efforts to file Investigative Use Permits on select locations as early as 2002.