Board of Directors

Henry P. Anderson III

Mr. Anderson is co-owner of Pioneer Nursery in Visalia, California, the primary Californian supplier of Pistachio rootstock. More than three million Pioneer Gold trees have been planted since 1981. As President and Director of Pistachio Growers, Inc., a California co-op, he is responsible for marketing its members' pistachio production. Mr. Anderson is also a Director of the Western Pistachio Association, an organization that lobbies on behalf of western pistachio interests.

Charles (Chuck) Hoffman

Elected to the Board in October of 2015 Mr. Hoffman is a multi-faceted businessman whose career has taken him around the world as both an Owner Operator in the Maritime Business in both Hawaii and Europe, as well as the Dairy and Agricultural Industries in California and all across the Pacific Northwest. He graduated from Stanford University in 1969 with a degree in Economics before then earning an MBA from University of Southern California in 1972.

Gregory Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman is the youngest son of the one of the Founders of Sea Breeze Power, Chase Hoffman. He has served as Advisor to The Board for many years before joining the Board in March of 2015 and then being appointed Chairman of The Board in July of 2015. A Graduate of Stanford University in 1981, Mr. Hoffman’s business and life endeavors span a broad spectrum. In addition to 10 years as an Adjunct Instructor at his Alma Mater, he has owned and operated both a Tour Boat and a PUC permitted Ferry Business in Hawaii for over 35 years. Mr. Hoffman also has 25 years of experience working internationally in the entertainment industry. He currently resides in Southern California and works as an Independent Producer/Director in the theatre, independent film and new multi-media sectors.

Mark Hoffman

Mark Hoffman is an engineering contractor in California, and president and owner of Mark Hoffman General Engineering, where he manages the daily financial, personnel, equipment, and field activities. In business since 1985, the company now grosses $4 million annually, for work such as paving and underground utilities installation and maintenance. Mr. Hoffman is also a partner in Hoffman and Son Farming, and Rancho Vitello, an organic veal-raising business. Rancho Vitello is the only American company of its kind to have been certified to European standards.

Ken Puryear

Mr. Puryear, along with his business partner, owns Pioneer Nursery in Visalia, California. Pioneer Nursery has been the primary supplier of pistachio rootstock to California for over 30 years. Its patented Pioneer gold rootstock, which is Verticillium wilt-resistant, is the variety of choice by most California growers. More than three million Pioneer Gold trees have been planted in California orchards since release in 1981. Mr. Puryear is Secretary and a Board Member of Pistachio Growers, Inc., a California Co-op responsible for marketing its members' pistachio production. A Commissioner of the California Pistachio Commission from 1989 through 1994, he was re-elected in 1998 through 2004. Currently, Mr. Puryear is involved in several other successful partnerships and corporations specializing in plant breeding, farm management and pistachio developments.