North Vancouver Island

North Vancouver Island

Sea Breeze holds Investigative Licences for eleven wind farm sites on northern Vancouver Island, totaling approximately 50,000 hectares of land.

Sea Breeze was the original developer for the Cape Scott Wind Farm (formerly "Knob Hill Wind Farm"), a 99 MW project located on the Knob Hill Plateau on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. In 2011 Sea Breeze sold the Cape Scott project to GDF-Suez Canada, Inc., and continued to work with their permitting and construction teams to support and complete all remaining efforts including the licence to construct the project.

Sea Breeze conducted extensive environmental, archaeological and socioeconomic studies through a lengthy environmental assessment process. The Project was awarded an Environmental Assessment Certificate from both provincial and federal agencies in September of 2004, the first wind farm to be awarded such a certificate in British Columbia. Sea Breeze initially conducted rigorous meteorological studies at the site to obtain the highest quality data of the potential electricity generation at the site. The consultation process involved the input of First Nations and stakeholders who reviewed Sea Breeze's proposal and helped identify the potential impacts of the project on local environments and economies as well as the numerous mitigation strategies Sea Breeze could employ. Sea Breeze consulted with the Quatsino First Nation, Kwakiutl First Nation and the Tlatlasikwala First Nation.

Environmental fieldwork has been conducted on many of Sea Breeze’s adjacent sites on northern Vancouver Island. This will greatly facilitate future environmental assessment applications for other projects and will shorten project timelines where bird monitoring and meteorological data collection have been conducted.

Map of Wind Projects