North/Central Coast

North Central Coast Wind Sites

The Central Coast is an area with a high wind resource potential, and interest in developing electricity projects in this region has been increasing due to several proposals for large liquid natural gas ("LNG") compression facilities in the area. Significant transmission infrastructure is needed to connect these sites to the BC grid; this could be achieved through the economies of scale associated with a very large development on the order of hundreds to a thousand megawatts. Sea Breeze's sites on the North/Central Coast include:

  • Price Island
  • Kitimat
  • Kshadin Peak
  • Ariztazabal Island
  • Sea Breeze’s coastal island sites encompass broad areas of uninhabited crown land with few heavy forests. Sea Breeze began taking direct wind speed measurements at Aristazabal Island in October 2012.
  • Mount Hays
  • The project is located 4km from Prince Rupert, with access to a large port, civil engineering equipment, and labour force.Wind resource appears to be strong, making the site one of the most competitive and constructible wind projects in the region. Sea Breeze is planning on installing a meteorological tower in spring of 2015.