Juan de Fuca Cable

Juan de Fuca Cable

The Juan de Fuca Cable ("JdF") is a development-stage bi-directional transmission line that connects and strengthens the westerly ‘end points’ of both the BC and Washington State transmission grids.

JdF will facilitate greater efficiency of the existing electric system infrastructure using state-of-the-art transmission technology while improving reliability of the electricity supply to Vancouver Island and Olympic Peninsula. The Juan de Fuca Cable would run under the ocean floor across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and deliver power from north to south as well as from south to north..

The proposed technology was developed by ABB Inc., one of the world’s largest HVDC manufacturing and engineering companies. It is a proven technology that allows more power to be transmitted across fewer lines.

HVDC Light® transmission is very energy efficient and has favourable voltage stability characteristics. These qualities make HVDC Light® ideal for the interconnection of separate power grids.

Project Benefits

  • Additional reliability and stability for both Vancouver Island and the Olympic Penninsula
  • A new avenue to meet Vancouver Island's growing electricity requirements.
  • A contingent path for electricity between BC and US Pacific Northwest
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Project Specs:

    Length: View Royal to Port Angeles (approx. 50 km, 31 miles)

    Capacity: 550 Megawatts

    Technology: State-of-the-art High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC Light®)

    To find out more about Juan de Fuca Cable project, please go to our project website at: http://www.jdfcable.com/ To learn more about HVDC Light® technology, please visit ABB's site here.