Economic and System Modelling

Sea Breeze has broad experience assessing and evaluating business opportunities in the energy sector. Investment decisions can be complicated by the need to understand trends in energy prices, technology development, and competitive market pressures amongst other considerations. Sea Breeze expertise encompasses both micro-scale assessment of business opportunities (eg. power projects, technology upgrades, retrofits, etc.) as well as larger-scale assessment of market trends, competitive analysis, and economic considerations. Our knowledge base encompasses both renewable and traditional energy sectors, including wind, solar, hydro, fossil fuel sectors. With this set of competencies, Sea Breeze can help clients understand business opportunities from various contexts, thus providing a more complete picture of an individual opportunity’s true value proposition.

Sea Breeze provides consultancy services in the following areas…

  • Financial Modeling
  • Right of Way Consultation
  • Business Plan and Market Research
  • Economic Research and Modeling
  • Supply and Demand Analysis for Energy Commodities
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Micro grid Dispatch Optimization


Drawing on Sea Breeze's internal research and financial modelling expertise, the Company was subcontracted to undertake an analysis for a major natural gas utility in BC. The study consisted of a competitive analysis of propane and natural gas for uses in remote utilities, industrial settings and transportation, and markets where propane is most likely to compete with liquefied natural gas ("LNG") and mobile Compressed Natural Gas (mCNG). The study compared the past price volatility for the commodities, the long-term and seasonal outlook for the fuels, as well as environmental and safety differences between the fuels. In addition, Sea Breeze developed a customized model for the client which analyzed optimal scenarios for the integration of propane in comparison to LNG/mCNG. One remote community fuel supply and one remote industrial user of natural gas/propane were used as case studies.
Sea Breeze worked with a private sector client to complete research, energy and financial modeling to assess the feasibility of a novel barge-mounted natural gas power system that relies on a liquefied natural gas fuel supply chain. The study resulted in a customized economic model and sensitivity analysis describing the spectrum of feasible project scenarios under various assumptions discussed with the client.